Bldg 5160 DISA Global Operations Command


DISA Global Field Command

  • Directs actions and supervises DISA Global Field Command located at Scott AFB and Hill AFB along with 3 OPCON organizations
  • Operate, defend and sustain enterprise infrastructure and services
  • Provide mission assurance to enterprise infrastructure and services
  • Perform engineering support of enterprise infrastructure and services
  • Provision and implement enterprise infrastructure and services
  • Train, equip, support, and sustain the Command
  • Manage the request fulfillment process for DISA's Center for Operations
  • Maintain and update the geographic location tables for DISA to ensure accurate management decision-making regarding locations/concentrations of services and circuits for DoD and other Federal Agencies
  • Represent OPC interests in cross-functional management decision meetings
  • Apply industry best practices to improve and streamline the request fulfillment process to gain efficiencies and maximize effectiveness of the workforce while maintaining mission goals
  • Administer military personnel, manpower, and awards, performance appraisals and evaluations