DISA employees rank agency in the top 10 of US defense agencies

By Doris Tyler
Workforce Services & Development Directorate
May 9, 2022 

The Defense Information Systems Agency scored in the top 10 out of 33 U.S. defense agencies in the 2021 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

DISA improved in all surveyed areas from 2019 to 2020 and maintained a positive momentum in 2021, showing strength in each category.

Employees gave DISA strong performance grades in the areas of:

Employee Engagement – Overall
Employee Engagement – Leaders Lead
Employee Engagement – Supervisors
Global Satisfaction

Furthermore, survey results indicated:

Employees believe their supervisors listen to, support and respect them
Employees express their work units contribute positively to agency performance by meeting customer needs and producing high quality work

DISA Chief of Staff, Teresa Pitts stated, “It’s awesome to be a part of the DISA team. Providing and operating the Department of Defense Information Network for the joint warfighter, our employees enable the warfighter to win.“ She continued, “Yet it’s more than the mission; it’s about creating the connections with the workforce and building the team that make it worthwhile each day.”

As Program Director for Culture and Engagement at DISA, Laura Radney expressed plans for future engagement opportunities at DISA. “Our agency’s workforce continues to engage virtually and in person as we move forward in the hybrid workplace of the future. Team members are invited to participate in employee focus groups, employee resource groups and the Climate Synergy Group to increase engagement and ensure their voices are heard.”

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About FEVS

FEVS is an annual survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and administered by the Office of Personnel Management. The survey measures employees' perceptions and serves as a tool for employees to share their perceptions in many critical areas including their work experiences, their agency and leadership. DISA falls within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, Defense Agencies and Field Activities parent agency, U.S. defense, category.

Learn more about FEVS at OPM.gov.


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