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DISA offers 4 enterprise voice services to DOD

The Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) Enterprise Voice Services Program offers four voice telecommunications options for use within the Department of Defense (DOD): Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (EVoIP), Enterprise Classified Voice over Internet Protocol (ECVoIP), Enterprise Audio Conferencing (EAC), and Voice Internet Service Provider (VISP).

The solutions are part of a DOD Chief Information Officer-directed implementation of internet protocol (IP) technologies for assured voice, video, data, and services to replace legacy telecommunication solutions delivered through the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN).

The Enterprise Voice Services program manager, Marie Sakowicz, described each service during the 2018 Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium in Baltimore May 15.

Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (EVoIP) and Enterprise Classified Voice over Internet Protocol (ECVoIP)

These service offerings provide enterprisewide, hosted solutions for sensitive but unclassified and classified voice services for the entire DOD and mission partners connected to the Non-classified IP Router Network (NIPRNet) and the Secret IP Router Network (SIPRNet).

“ECVoIP is the oldest capability in our portfolio,” said Sakowicz. “It is a proven low-cost way of making classified calls across a large enterprise environment.”

Sakowicz said the ECVoIP capability is used by 82 organizations.

Both services provide a full suite of voice features, including call waiting, call transfer, forwarding, and conferencing.

The EVoIP/ECVoIP cost is included under the DISN telecommunications rate.

Enterprise Audio Conferencing (EAC)

EAC is a “reservation-less” audio conference service that provides voice conferencing capability.

DISN users are able to request a dedicated conference line accessible to all DOD mission partners provided with a passcode, eliminating local conferencing systems and the associated expenses.

Voice Internet Service Provider (VISP)

The DISA VISP service provides full-featured commercial phone service – local, long distance, international, emergency, inbound and outbound calling – through a standard NIPRNet connection.

“It is a DOD low cost alternative to obtaining commercial dial-tone locally,” said Sakowicz.

VISP also significantly reduces potential risks to the network.

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Posted May 24, 2018