DISA Joint Service Provider hosts Cyber Awareness Forum with government and industry

By Alanna Goldman
Joint Service Provider

August 16, 2022 

The Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Service Provider’s Cyber Workforce Development Team hosted their quarterly Cyber Awareness Forum, July 21, for the workforce, vendors, customers and Department of Defense.

This quarter’s theme was "SHIELDS UP! Protect Data and Your Privacy,” serving as a reminder for everyone to follow best cybersecurity practices.

In an evolving cyber environment, this forum creates a space for cybersecurity professionals and those working alongside cybersecurity and IT organizations to learn about the latest cyber developments and trends, and to make more informed decisions to positively impact their organizations and stakeholders.


Image of Joint Service Provider personnel posing with a Cyber Awareness Forum poster. (DISA photo by Joanne Sorrentino)
Joint Service Provider personnel pose with a Cyber Awareness Forum poster. (DISA photo by Joanne Sorrentino)


This was the first in-person forum since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For most of the day, Apex 9 and 10 on the Pentagon’s second floor and Pentagon Library Conference Center hosted speakers and booths for attendees to hear from cybersecurity experts from across the DOD and industry and learn more about Joint Service Provider’s products and services. Leaders across the department, including Navy Rear Adm. Brian S. Hurley, Joint Service Provider director, spoke about the importance of protecting sensitive data, privacy and DOD information systems.

“Our goal is to provide the latest information on cybersecurity services, products, technologies and best practices for our organization,” said Nazia Safdar, Cyber Workforce Development Team. “Putting on this event takes support from across JSP. We work with the Cybersecurity Center and Customer Service Center to ensure participation from various entities.”

The theme may change quarterly, but the general principles of protecting the warfighter are at the core of every event. “SHIELDS UP” was determined by analyzing what is happening in the government environment and around the world. The vendors built their topics and presentations based on the situation, but added their own emphasis.

As a cybersecurity and IT organization, Joint Service Provider has a vested interest in participation from a variety of organizations. Good cybersecurity practices are important for everyone – military, civilians and contractors.

“It is the great uniter at JSP. We all work for a cybersecurity and IT organization and are mission focused. That is the wonderful thing, we invite everyone to learn not only in JSP, but across the DOD,” said Safdar.

The Cyber Awareness Forum is an exposure opportunity for Joint Service Provider and provides a platform for government and industry experts from across the field to join and discuss new technologies, services and products, and the steps needed to protect cyberspace. It also serves as a reminder that Joint Service Provider is an organization focused primarily on cybersecurity.

“It is important for other organizations to know what we offer and how they can use our resources to aid their own mission,” said Safdar.


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