Beyond boundaries: DISA's cybersecurity solutions for a cloud-connected world

By Amy Probst / DISA Operations and Infrastructure Center
December 18, 2023

The Defense Information Systems Agency's Cybersecurity Service Provider program delivers a suite of cybersecurity services. Leveraging a global, 24/7/365 analyst workforce, DISA CSSP monitors for and protects against malicious cyber activity, reports cyber incidents, and shares pivotal cyber situational awareness to defend the Department of Defense Information Network and customer terrain.

The CSSP program currently supports more than 440 customers across a wide variety of organizations; from cleared defense vendors to geographic combatant commands. DISA CSSP offers a broad range of CSSP alignment solutions for various infrastructures and hosting constructs. These solutions provide a mechanism for regulatory compliance and operational defense.

The team distinguishes itself from other service providers through its comprehensive technological capabilities, globally distributed analyst workforce, agile and adaptable service construct, and demonstrated superior service.

DISA recently demonstrated these competitive advantages through the implementation of a unique cloud CSSP service offering with Microsoft Azure Impact Level 2-6 hosted applications. This service offering allows DISA CSSP to accelerate the speed of customer CSSP service onboarding and execution, while decreasing the cost of operations and automating many cybersecurity activities.

When choosing a CSSP, organizations often face logistical and financial challenges in their transition period. Organizations typically absorb the cost of new equipment and spend time working closely with their new provider to ensure all data required for cybersecurity monitoring is accessible and usable. However, for organizations with Microsoft Azure-hosted capabilities, many of these challenges are minimized or eliminated through alignment to DISA. When customers align to DISA CSSP to defend Microsoft Azure-hosted capabilities, commercial cloud native monitoring tools are leveraged and replace legacy Defensive Cyber Operations capabilities, which provides vastly reduced customer costs allowing for reallocation of efforts and resources.

DISA’s use of cloud native monitoring tools also provides a significantly increased amount of the CSSP analyst contextual data required to defend those environments. This new service offering from DISA is already yielding tremendous results and allowing customers to seamlessly execute their missions. DISA CSSP is focused on leveraging its cutting-edge technical capability while also providing service excellence with agility and dependability.

Azure Hosted Infrastructure – Common Services recently welcomed this development, stating the service offering greatly enhanced the organization’s ability to quickly switch to DISA CSSP while also lowering the CSSP bill. Moreover, a key AHI-CS representative indicated that the new service offering improves security and simplifies operations.

“This development allows our team to be better positioned to meet the needs of our [customers] and secures our position as an organization at the ‘tip of the spear’ in defending the DODIN,” said Darrell Fountain, DISA CSSP Services chief.

DISA is one of the few DOD service providers that can offer this level of protection to Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

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