Skinner urges need to 'simplify the complexity of our environment'

By US Army Lt. Col. Ed Shank, DISA executive communications manager
August 17, 2023

Lt Skinner Speaking
(Photo by Mike Carpenter)
United States Air Force Lt. Gen. Robert J. Skinner, Defense Information Systems Agency director and Joint Force Headquarters-Department of Defense Information Network commander, delivered the morning keynote speech to more than 1,000 audience members during the 2023 AFCEA TechNet Conference and Expo in Augusta, Georgia, Aug. 16.

In his remarks, entitled "Building a Stronger Defense Through Data," Skinner highlighted the close-knit relationship between the United States Department of Defense, mission partners and industry members and discussed ways in which the agency is making progress in the areas of data analytics, cloud services and zero trust.

"This record-breaking participation continues to show just how strong our partnership is," Skinner said referencing the record turnout of registered participants. "Our force cannot be as successful, as agile or as maneuverable without [industry and mission partners] helping us simplify our environment."

He also mentioned Workforce 2025, DISA's initiative to prepare current and future military and civilian employees to face and subvert America's near-peer cyberthreats.

Lt Skinner Speaking
(Photo by Mike Carpenter)
"One of the core tenants of our strategy is critical thinking," Skinner said. "I would love to hear from industry to hear how you are getting after that and how we can improve our ability as a force to critically think about the problem set that we have, the technology that we bring to bear, and how we can marry those things together to get after the hard, complex problems that we face."

"Building a Stronger Defense Through Data: Lt. Gen. Robert J. Skinner" video by AFCEA International

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