Enhancing enterprise data access and availability: key strategies for success

By Kassie Garrett / DISA Enterprise Integration and Innovation
February 1, 2024

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The Department of Defense chief digital and artificial intelligence officer recently released a memo highlighting existing department policy and regulations crucial to enabling responsible authorization to data access that will drive innovation and improve adoption of enterprise data and analytic products.

The memo encourages components to evaluate DOD-approved authentication requirements to enable audited, read-only access to enterprise data management and analytics platforms and identify requirements to make dynamic access decisions for the data under their purview. Completed evaluations will be sent to DISA’s chief data officer to determine if results need guidance on exceptions to local policies to effectively manage data throughout its lifecycle.

As a result, DISA continues to drive capabilities to help secure access, utilize and share data across the enterprise to bolster innovation and enhance the customer experience. Moreover, DISA continues to explore key strategies and best practices for enhancing enterprise data access and availability to empower and harness the full potential of data assets. 

The DOD established a robust framework for data management, encompassing policies such as the DOD Directive 8320.02, “Data Sharing in a Net-Centric Department of Defense.” This directive emphasizes the importance of data sharing, interoperability and accessibility across DOD components, ensuring that data is leveraged efficiently to support mission requirements and decision-making processes. Additionally, the chief data officer plays a pivotal role in driving data management strategies and promoting a data-centric culture within the DOD enterprise, aligning with federal mandates such as the “Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act.”

DISA is committed to fostering innovation and the adoption of emerging technologies to enhance data-driven capabilities. Policies like the DOD Cloud Strategy underscore the imperative of embracing advanced technologies to harness the power of data for mission success. Such strategies outline the DOD's approach to leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing to analyze and exploit data, while driving innovation in areas such as predictive analytics, autonomous systems and mission planning.

Interoperability and data standards are key enablers for driving innovation and maximizing the utility of defense data assets. Furthermore, the Office of the Chief Data Officer will emphasize the importance of establishing common data standards, architectures and interoperability frameworks to facilitate seamless data sharing and integration across the DOD enterprise.

“It is vital to the success of the DISA mission to provide common language and common expectations that enable interoperability,” said acting DISA Chief Data Officer Caroline Kuharske.
By adhering to data standards and interoperability principles, DISA’s chief data officer can streamline data access and accelerate the integration of disparate data sources, fueling innovation and insights generation.

“Without standardization we will continue spiraling in silos of data that do not allow data analyst to work together across infrastructures to solve our IT issues today,” said Kuharske.

DISA can harness the full potential of data assets to support critical missions, enhance decision-making and maintain technological superiority in an evolving threat environment. As the DISA Issuance Program evolves, compliance with DOD policies and regulations not only promotes operational excellence, but also fosters a culture of innovation and responsible data use. This ensures that data-driven capabilities remain a cornerstone of national defense and security strategies.

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