Number Title Publish Date
DISAC 270-A85-1 System Equipment Reporting System (SERS) 03/17/17
DISAC 300-100-1

Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum Management and Use

DISAC 310-130-2 Management Thresholds and Performance Objectives 10/01/12
DISAC 310-130-4 Defense User's Guide To The Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System 05/05/06
DISAC 310-45-1 Single System Manager (SSM) for the Defense Switched Network (DSN) 01/30/14
DISAC 350-195-2 Electric Power Systems for the Department of Defense Networks (DODIN) Facilities 04/03/14
DISAC 630-125-1 Net-Centric Review Process 10/08/09
DISAC 640-45-48 White House Communications Agency 03/13/14