SSgt Cobb reflects on the DISA JSP community

by Alanna Goldman
DISA Joint Service Provider

Staff Sergeant Adam Cobb headshot

Landing at DISA Joint Service Provider (JSP) was a happy accident for Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Cobb, who served in the U.S. Marines. SSgt Cobb originally received orders to report to Fort Myer, VA, but the government changed his orders right before he was to report. That’s when he landed at DISA JSP – a change that proved life changing for SSgt Cobb.

“It’s been a great opportunity. I’ve learned so much and am so grateful to be with DISA JSP. Everyone here wants to create the best product for the customer and will work together to make it happen. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been easy to work here,” he said of his experience with the organization.

At DISA JSP, SSgt Cobb installs home kits for Very Important Persons (VIPs), representing the senior Department of Defense leaders that the organization supports. He helps ensure these officials have 24/7 Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) connectivity in their homes and quarters. When not driving to the homes of VIPs to ensure they have the proper connections, he coordinates with the directorate, the lock smith and the Joint Staff Support Services Office (JSSSO) to build a cohesive plan for ensuring constant SIPRNet access. By supporting this access, SSgt Cobb helps enable every customer mission and nation’s cybersecurity posture.

“We make sure our VIPs feel comfortable working at home. They can respond to urgent emails immediately, rather than drive to the Pentagon to perform their duties. This agility ultimately makes us [the Department of Defense] stronger,” SSgt Cobb said. Because of his work, in the event of a disaster, storm, or even a pandemic, security remains the top priority.

SSgt Cobb not only enjoys the work he does, but he also admires DISA JSP’s culture, which he describes as a change of pace from his experience in the Marines. “The DISA JSP pace is faster because there is always something important to work on. I have a larger impact and am able to do things I wouldn’t have been able to done with people I also wouldn’t have worked with. I work with people, in the other military branches, civilians and contractors.” he said. SSgt Cobb also credits his success to his colleagues at DISA JSP, saying, “I know if I have a problem I could ask anyone here for help and they will support me.”

SSgt Cobb also believes that DISA JSP’s culture improved his leadership and communication skills. “I am surrounded by professionals with lots of experience and learn from them every day. We work for important people meaning the stakes and bar are raised, but I see the attitudes and hard work of my peers and want to be better for them, the VIPs we serve and the organization,” he said.

Overall, joining DISA JSP has been one of the great privileges of his life and he urges anyone considering joining DISA JSP to take the opportunity. “I am grateful for the weird chain of events that led me here because I wouldn’t give up my experience at DISA JSP for anything. The people I work with made me feel welcomed when I was nervous and showed me how DISA JSP is a community of people who do good work. The last three years of my life have been life changing because of the people,” SSgt Cobb said.



Published June 8, 2021