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DISA conducts Modernized Enterprise Terminal Commissioning Evaluation

Office of Strategic Communication and Public Affairs

 DISA Europe’s Quality Assurance Performance Evaluations team conducted a Modernized Enterprise Terminal Commissioning Evaluation for a newly installed satellite communications antenna April 16-21 on Thule Air Force Base, Greenland.

The team was comprised of Navy Chief Information Systems Technician Jacob Poklinkoski, Navy Chief Electrician’s Mate Juan Noriegachang and Chadwick Pierce.

The evaluation included multiple areas such as SATCOM core functionality, node site coordinator tasks, power system, environmental control, grounding, bonding and shielding.


“DISA Europe's QAPE team identified several major issues during the commissioning evaluation,” said Noriegachang, Lead Power System Evaluator. “The deficiency findings as identified in the CE Report will help to prevent damage to mission-critical equipment and injury to vital DoD personnel assets. The report will serve as a well-documented resource to help the customer establish a clear path to a fully operational terminal.”

Commissioning of SATCOM assets associated with the terminal as a system must take place prior to activation of new services and incorporation into the DoDIN to allow mission traffic.

“We were tasked to deploy to Thule to determine the acceptability of the AN/GSC-52B SATCOM terminal for incorporation into the Defense Information Systems Network, document findings, and draft and publish a report when completed,” said David Roberts, DISA Europe QAPE lead. “That is oversimplifying, but they were all crucial elements of the process and they were all accomplished successfully.”

Greenland’s environment proved to be the most challenging aspect the team faced.

“Thule Air Force Base is the northernmost location of all U.S. military bases. Extreme cold is a persistent challenge and it didn’t help that there was a winter storm which caused the base to enter Condition Charlie,” said Noriegachang. “During that time the conditions were so harsh that all personnel were restricted to shelter in place. Operations under COVID-19 conditions also mandated seven days of quarantine prior to commencing the CE.”

Overall the team prevailed, completed all tasks and believes the mission was a success.

“DISA benefits greatly from these missions,” said Noriegachang. “Our QAPE team is responsible for ensuring quality communications infrastructure and systems by conducting proactive performance evaluations and assistance visits for DoDIN facilities throughout U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command areas of responsibility.”




Published June 28, 2021