DISA advances national security objectives, strengthens partnerships

Office of Strategic Communication and Public Affairs
December 14, 2022 


Senior U.S. government officials from the Defense Information Systems Agency and across the intelligence community emphasized the need to get after national security objectives via information technology and cyber capabilities at the 2022 Department of Defense Intelligence Information System Worldwide Conference.

LT Skinner at DODIIS Worldwide Conference

DISA Director and Joint Force Headquarters-Department of Defense Information Network Commander U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Robert J. Skinner underscored on Tuesday the need to maintain strategic and tactical advantages to accomplish the four defense priorities articulated in the 2022 National Defense Strategy, released to the public in October.

“It cannot be overstated – the time that we are in today in relation to the threat,”

said Skinner, referring to what the 2022 NDS, the first issued under the Biden administration, calls the ‘pacing challenge,’ namely China. “International rules-based order is at stake.” 

Skinner described how DISA, as the defense department’s combat support agency whose mission is IT and cyber, is driving change within the DOD using emerging technologies and IT solutions that support the warfighter. He highlighted DISA’s solution to Zero Trust, known as Thunderdome; Identity Credentialing and Access Management, and how DISA is leveraging commercial cloud infrastructure.

“Innovation is alive and well. Innovation is here in the United States and innovation will continue to make us powerful,” said Skinner.”

To outpace China and Russia, unprecedented cooperation across all domains of warfare — land, sea, air, space and cyberspace – is required.

LT Skinner speaks at DODIIS Worldwide Conference
DISA photo by Lia Carvalho.

“Integrated interoperable deterrence requires the right training, expertise and abilities to put the advantages on our side.”

Skinner referenced last week’s release of the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability acquisition vehicle, which enables commercial cloud providers to support national defense.

“JWCC is an example of us being ready. We have developed an environment with systems integration, infrastructure as a code, a marketplace system and DevSecOps [Development, Security and Operations]. JWCC provides the flexibility and agility that we are always looking for,” said Skinner. 

“It’s about the partnerships that we are continuing to develop.”

The 2022 DODIIS Worldwide Conference is being held in San Antonio, Texas, from Dec. 12-15.



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