DISA awards 4th Estate Cisco Software Enterprise Agreement to Iron Bow Technologies LLC

By Elaina M. Colby
Joint Enterprise License Agreements
October 4, 2022 

The Defense Information Systems Agency’s Joint Enterprise License Agreements Program Management Office awarded the 4th Estate Cisco Software Enterprise Agreement to Iron Bow Technologies LLC for a period of performance from June 21, 2022, to June 20, 2027, with a $743 million ceiling.

This agreement consists of three areas of support. The first is the Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Support package which includes Cisco Smart Net Total Care and Software Support Services, Service Provider Network Architecture, limited engineering services, and Cisco software subscription products such as Digital Network Architecture, Advantage for Route, Switch, and Wireless.

The second area of support is software subscriptions that support an email defense capability, voice and conference, security, and data center bundles along with additional software subscriptions in support of modernizing the infrastructure. 

The third area of support is for Cisco engineering services outside of the Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Support package, which consist of Cisco Original Equipment Manufacturer Networking Consulting Engineers to design, implement, deliver and support a breadth of Cisco technologies critical to 4th Estate environments.   

The scope of this requirement covers 4th Estate partners. Additionally, this contract authorizes DISA to purchase on behalf of mission partners. The coverage of this requirement applies to agencies located in the Continental United States and Outside the Continental United States sites.

In addition to the award of the Cisco Software Enterprise Agreement, the Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiative has established a catalog for the purchase of Cisco products through NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement. DISA and 4th Estate partners are encouraged to utilize this agreement when purchasing new Cisco hardware products and/or additional software and services that are not included within the 4th Estate Cisco Software Enterprise Agreement.


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