DISA DOD Network Information Center (NIC) operates G.root-servers.net, one of the thirteen logical Internet Root name servers. DISA DOD NIC cooperates with the eleven other Root Server Operators to provide authoritative data for the DNS Root Zone.

The G-Root DNS system operates at:

  • IPv4 address from the range
  • IPv6 address 2001:500:12::d0d from the range 2001:500:12::/48

These ranges are announced from AS5927.

More about G-Root:

  • G.Root-servers.net uses BIND9 from Internet Systems Consortium.
  • G-Root RSSAC measurements
  • Locations: Columbus, Ohio, US; Stuttgart-Vaihingen, DE; Naples, IT; Fussa, JP; Honolulu, Hawaii, US; San Antonio, Texas, US

Operational Improvements:

  • 2008 Anycast implemented for G-Root at six locations.
  • 2012 A tech refresh was performed for all G-root locations.
  • 2013 Connections to all six G-Root locations were upgraded.
  • October 2016 The IPv6 address was added for G-Root.
  • 2018 Upcoming tech refresh for G-Root locations.