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January 2022
01/13/2022 DISA welcomes agency’s first diversity chief

Damien Terry became DISA’s first diversity chief, a new position in the chief of staff’s office dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment at the agency.

December 2021
12/13/2021 Radney takes on new role to improve employee engagement at DISA

Former chief of staff Laura Radney became DISA’s first Culture and Employee Engagement Program director.

November 2021
11/30/2021 Pitts takes over as DISA chief of staff

DISA’s newest chief of staff originally wanted to be a dietician, now she’s focused on shedding the excess weight of government inefficiencies.

11/22/2021 DISA Europe’s Field office in Belgium leads NATO support

DISA’s technical and communications capability is known across the alliance as the gold standard to achieve and is an example to emulate.

11/22/2021 Leadership spotlight: Rodgers ‘can do anything, anywhere’

Peggy Rodgers began her career with DISA 24 years ago and continues to balance expanding her education with accomplishing her mission to support the warfighter.

11/22/2021 Joint Service Provider pandemic preparations spark long-term changes at Pentagon

DISA JSP operates and defends the Department of Defense headquarters’ key cyber terrain and provides information technology services to more than 55,000 mission partners

11/10/2021 Patriots wanted: DISA and JFHQ-DODIN in the fight for talent across the cyber domain

DISA is refining the way it acquires and retains personnel within the cyber domain to remain in the fight for talent against other civilian, government and military organizations.

11/10/2021 DISA grants provisional authorization at data impact level 4 to Google Services Offering

DISA granted a 1-year Department of Defense provisional authorization for the Google Services Offering.

11/10/2021 Small businesses are no joke at DISA

Members of DISA’s Office of Small Business Programs dished out some tough love to companies interested in getting contracts with the agency during the recent 2021 AFCEA TechNet Cyber Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

11/10/2021 DISA grants provisional authorization at data impact level 5 to ZScaler

DISA granted a 2-year Department of Defense provisional authorization for the ZScaler Private Access, or ZPA.

11/08/2021 Powerful alone, unstoppable together

Commanders and joint directors from the Cyberspace Operations Directorate had the long-awaited opportunity to convene in-person for a senior professional development leadership sync with Senior Executive Joseph Wassel Oct. 25.

11/04/2021 DISA touts innovation and importance of partnership at industry conference

The agency reviewed its structure and processes to determine how to streamline efforts, increase the speed of information flow and achieve best value for mission partners and the warfighter.

11/03/2021 DISA Delivers...Cyber Protection

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Zachary Hensinger, a network operations manager assigned to DISA Europe, protected $6 billion worth of command-and-control networks by identifying vulnerabilities and coordinating DISA Europe’s response to a large cyber-attack across DOD.

October 2021
10/27/2021 DISA aligns strategic priorities to meet C2 requirements and drive innovation

The increasing pace of change throughout the cyberspace battlefield requires Defense Information Systems Agency's mission to move at the "velocity of action to win.”

10/18/2021 DISA Delivers…UN support

DISA military, civilian team supports Secret Service at United Nations annual meeting.

10/18/2021 DISA wins 4 FedScoop 50 awards

DISA won in four categories of the 2021 FedScoop 50 awards for work using technology to transform the government.

September 2021
09/21/2021 DISA contracting officer earns national award

The National Contract Management Association honored Michelle Rand, a team lead/contracting officer in DISA’s Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization.

09/02/2021 DISA issues Provisional Authorization for Splunk Cloud Fed

DISA issued a two-year Provisional Authorization at Impact Level 5 for Unclassified Splunk Cloud Fed by Splunk Inc., Software as a Service hosted in Amazon Web Services Government Cloud.

August 2021
08/16/2021 Cyberspace Operations Directorate offers in-person team building event for deputy field commanders

The agency's Cyberspace Operations Directorate executive, Joseph Wassel, is never at a loss when it comes to creative thinking and the Patriot Leadership and Team Building Training Series, which was launched in 2019.

July 2021
07/23/2021 DISA Best Places to Work ranking increases nearly 20% from 2019

DISA’s 2020 Best Places to Work engagement score, measuring employee satisfaction with their jobs and organization, increased to 74.0 in 2020 from 55.2 in 2019.

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