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Workforce 2025 is the Defense Information Systems Agency's human capital investment to empower and posture the agency's global workforce to better meet the challenges posed by what the 2022 National Defense Strategy calls the "most consequential strategic competitor for the coming decades."

Winning wars requires readiness and - in a century in which future wars will likely be fought on land, in the air, at sea, in space and cyberspace - a premier cyber force. All of this starts with people, who must remain postured, positioned and prepared, and federal agencies that must recruit, train, retrain, and retain top-notch talent at all levels and in various career fields.


Lt. Gen. Robert J. Skinner“Of all the cyber threats the United States and its allies face, those emanating from China are at the top of the list. DISA, the combat support agency whose mission is information technology and cyber, has worked tirelessly to strengthen and sustain cyber resilience for the Department of Defense. If we focus solely on the technology required to do this and forget about the people who operate it, we will become stagnant and outpaced. This is why having the best trained and best-equipped workforce on the planet is an absolute "must" for me, the DOD, and our nation.” 


– Lt. Gen. Robert J. Skinner, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency 


The National Defense Strategy insists that we “change our institutional culture and reform how we do business.” Workforce 2025 gets after this through four lines of effort that articulate what current and future DISA employees can expect.

Lines of Effort

Connect the Mission | Expand Knowledge Base | Gain the Edge | Recruit the Best

Workforce 2025 Implementation Plan

DISA’s new Workforce 2025 Implementation Plan provides the DISA workforce a view of the objectives, outcomes, initiatives and activities for how the agency plans to achieve improved workforce readiness.

The implementation plan ensures DISA can meet future mission demands across a dynamic and competitive cyber and IT environment by incorporating the right talent through recruitment efforts and a deliberate investment in the agency’s workforce through relevant training and development to keep DISA at the cutting edge. Moreover, the plan extends beyond addressing the immediate demands of the present by focusing on the agency’s preparedness through 2025 and beyond.