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You want to go further in your career at the Defense Information Systems Agency or possibly move into a job in the private sector where you will gain valuable skills that, someday, you may bring back to the federal sector upon your return. Remaining competitive in an already-competitive labor market is not easy – it requires training, retraining, and continuously operating in excellence.

DISA is helping employees stay sharp and on the cutting edge of their career fields. From contracting to cyber, accounting to acquisition, testing to technology and beyond, employees across DISA are being empowered to obtain advanced certifications, leverage tools and critical thinking to increase their productivity, and innovate to solve the Defense Department’s biggest challenges.

"For current employees, much of what Workforce 2025 encompasses will seem familiar, as we continue educating ourselves about new technologies and applying lessons learned from past experiences. What is changing are the standards and tracking mechanisms used to ensure employee success is accomplished consistently throughout the agency. Other elements of Workforce 2025 will be transformational. We must improve our hybrid work environment to ensure personnel work in the best environment to support DISA, whether from the office, from home or a combination of both. Mission analysis and succession planning are required to ensure every employee is trained properly and headed in the right direction." 

– Lt. Gen. Robert J. Skinner, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency

Key Initiatives and tools

•Establish a guest speaker series that pulls from only recognized experts.

•Create a free, on-premises lab environment to experiment and learn.

•Enable the workforce with NextGen classified mobility.

•Modernize physical workspaces, including home offices.

Snapshot 2025 

The employees at DISA are in high demand for their advanced skills, which are showcased through the programs and projects they consistently produce to support the DOD. The DISA staff is confident in their capabilities, as they consistently operate in excellence and boast a skillset and certifications that meet or exceed industry standards.