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Workforce 2025 is expanding Defense Information Systems Agency's traditional methods of communicating to employees to incorporate new training tools, activities and programs that will result in staff having a keen understanding of what DISA does, why their work matters, and how it impacts the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Guardians whose jobs – and oftentimes lives – depend upon secure and reliable communications.

"Workforce 2025 is, at its heart, a strategy designed to enhance the skills and talents of current employees while ensuring DISA onboards new talent and invests in the professional development of both throughout their careers. The goal of the strategy is to lay a foundation for employee success that sets the standard for excellence for years to come." 

– Lt. Gen. Robert J. Skinner, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency

Key Initiatives and tools

• Access to the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer library, integrated with DISA information.

• Opportunities for visits and job rotations to DISA field sites and mission-relevant locations.

• Hearing directly from warfighters “in the field” through vignettes, stories, and special brown bag luncheons.

• Interacting with guest speakers from and participating in technical outreach exchanges with key mission partners.

• Participating in deep dives and tabletop exercises based on real-world events.

Snapshot 2025

A connected DISA employee will have a comprehensive understanding of what the agency does and whom it supports. Whether you are a new human resource specialist just starting at DISA or an established engineer in the Emerging Technology Directorate looking for growth opportunities — you will have access and the resources to learn about, grow into, experience and embrace the ever-evolving challenges of DISA’s mission.